The Journey of Sir Douglas Fir : A Read & Sing Along Storybook

by Bill Barnes and Ric Reitz

eastendbooks is serving as Canadian representative for an enchanting Canadian-themed children’s story about dealing with change, direct from Atlanta, Georgia.

The Journey of Sir Douglas Fir is based on the real-life adventures of a 350-year-old giant fir tree, that crashed to the ground during a great storm on Vancouver Island, and then travelled across the mountains to become today’s proud flagpole at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto.

Ric Reitz and his partners have turned these adventures into an inspiring saga recommended for readers aged 7 to 11 — in a beautifully produced full-colour illustrated book, accompanied by a sing-along, Broadway-style musical on CD: “the world’s first musical written as a book.”

A beautifully produced 48-page picture book is dedicated “To everyone who courageously faces change and somehow finds a rainbow.” The accompanying 45-minute CD features five original songs, and a full underscore with sound effects. It all adds up to something still quite rare: a provocative American encounter with the Canadian experience.

Published by Sir Fir Books, Atlanta, Georgia.

48 pages, 260 x 210 mm, hardcover with illustrations and CD. ISBN:0-9670160-0-2.

NOT IN PRINT. Used copies currently available through