Pioneering Spirit : Ontario Places of Worship, Then and Now

by Elizabeth Luther

This gently sparkling collection of illustrations and text is based on a popular series of talks that author Elizabeth Luther has been giving to discerning live audiences for a number of years. The theme is the unique contributions of the spirit that pioneer religious congregations have made to the growth of a distinctive Canadian community in the country’s most populous province.

The book presents photographs and other illustrations of 54 places of worship in virtually all parts of Ontario. The illustrations are accompanied by engaging short accounts of the congregations attached to these places — capturing the charm and warm human interest that made Elizabeth Luther’s original talks so popular.

Author Elizabeth Luther was born in North Bay, Ontario, in the 1920s. She spent her childhood in various parts of Canada, including a memorable stint among the Sons of Freedom Doukhobors in British Columbia. As an adult she has lived for extended periods in Ottawa, Nairobi (Kenya), and Toronto (where she still lives today). Though married very early, she eventually graduated from the University of Toronto as a mature student. Along with her popular talks, she has published articles on historical and related subjects in the Toronto Star.

Published in association with Eglinton St. George’s United Church.

216 pages, 170 x 230 mm, softcover with b&w and colour illustrations. ISBN:1-896973-20-5.

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