Evolution’s Hand : Searching for the Creator in Contemporary Science

by John Cafferky

The key problem for science today, in Cafferky’s view, is not explaining the universe, but explaining how the science that thinking human beings have created can explain the universe so well. This leads him to argue that the process of biological evolution which has created thinking human beings is an intelligent process, ultimately rooted in a living Creator or Mind of the universe.

“A personal journey … likely to stimulate much thought … among those readers who do not already share his point of view … contributes to science in pointing to new wonders in nature and to anomalies in existing theory.” (Hannah Gay, Canadian Book Review Annual)

“Cafferky reminds us that in considering issues affecting human destiny one has to come to terms with the limitations of science itself … Cafferky explains … that at the boundary of the unknown … we should be at liberty to introduce considerations other than those approved by tightly circumscribed naturalism … from such a step … truths deeply buried … might be illumined.” (Dr. Rachid Ouyed, Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Toronto, and Department of Astronomy and Physics, St. Mary’s University)

208 pages, 140 x 215 mm, Softcover ISBN:1-896973-00-0.

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