If Cats Could Talk : A Holistic Approach to Our Feline Companions

by Lorena Elke

What animal lover nowadays doesn’t know something about the remarkable Jane Goodall, author of such compelling books as My Thirty Years With the Chimpanzees of Gombe?

Lorena Elke is a Jane Goodall of the cat world. She has spent not quite thirty years studying an ever-increasing tribe of feline fanatics. And she has discovered “that cats are highly spiritual creatures with connections to other psychic realms that we as humans are only vaguely aware exist.”

Along the way Lorena has become a learned devotee of holistic and natural methods of cat rearing (and feline-human relations). Her intimate research has shown that, if cats could talk, they would tell us they want love, play, companionship, and good health. Her book shows how to go about providing all these things and how doing this well provides no end of human rewards.

Born and raised in Manitoba, Lorena Elke graduated from Mount St. Vincent University in Nova Scotia, and then went to work in the health food and animal care industries in Toronto. She holds a certificate in advanced veterinary homeopathy, and works today as a feline nutrition and behavioural consultant. She has also co-produced a segment on cats and healing for the TV series, “Cutting Edge.” Rescue cats dominate her current multi-cat household. Her life is dedicated to healing cats.

128 pages, 140 x 215 mm, softcover with charts, illustrations, and sidebars. ISBN:1-896973-16-7.

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