Legacy of Stone : Ancient Life on the Niagara Frontier

by Ronald F. Williamson and Robert I. MacDonald

Excavations made in the course of expanding Peace Bridge customs facilities, to accommodate recent increases in traffic between Buffalo, New York and Fort Erie, Ontario, have shed provocative new light on the ancient past of the Great Lakes region.

“A guidebook to a past that goes back four thousand years … highly readable … stories of trade and warfare, thunderbirds, layers of human bone … potsherds, pictures, and context: what people ate and how the weather was … more adventurous readers will be encouraged to visit the site … and gaze out at a great waterway … a powerful past brought imaginatively to life.” (M.T. Kelly, Books in Canada)

“Around 1800 BC, the Niagara Frontier was the site of one of the largest stone-tool workshops and trading centres in the Great Lakes region, and many traces of this prehistoric activity, and the people who pursued it, are still left below the streets of Fort Erie, Ont. … profusely illustrated with photos and maps.” (‘New and Noted,’ Globe and Mail)

Published in association with the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority.

168 pages, 215 x 275 mm, softcover. ISBN:ISBN 1-896973-10-8.

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